About the Course

In this course, we will examine how Latinas in media are produced and represented in the U.S. and its cultural significance for the Latino community. Through our close examination of television, film, advertising, newspapers, magazines and other new media, we will consider the following questions: What is the relationship of Latinas to mainstream media and other representations of women? Do representations of Latinas vary depending on the media being studied? What are the consequences of the appropriation, of what some critics call “the symbols of ethnic pride,” of the fictitious “Latina body”? Conversely, does the representation vary depending on whether it is coming from within the community or mainstream media? How are Latinas being commodified as a result of these representations? Our goal in this course is to understand and analyze past and current representations, as well as engage them in an effort to rectify simplistic images and complicate future representations of Latinas in the media.