Latinas and Media course blog

This shows how now women who are latinas are being shown they are getting stronger Image courtesy of morning theft under Creative Commons 3.0.

Welcome to our blog for the course “Latinas and Media.” We will use this as a forum to begin and continue our class discussions regarding how Latinas in media are produced and represented in the U.S. Most importantly, we want to engage others in our discussions so that our understanding goes beyond the confines of our physical classroom.

Everyone will have Editor user privileges for a few days in order to write up your mini-biography under the “Blog” section in the “About the Bloggers” page. Please click “Edit” towards the bottom of this page in order to insert your mini-bio. It will then take you to edit mode. Find your place alphabetically and type up your mini-biography. You can instert a picture next to your name by clicking on the button “Insert Media” next to “Upload/Insert” above. Feel free to hyperlink anything relevant on your mini-biography (e.g., personal blog, website, organizations or programs you might be involved with).

For an example of what it should look like please check out:
“Fictions of Latino Masculinities” – About the Bloggers

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