Overview of Latinas Using Twitter Essay

We will write what Professor Jesse Stommel calls a “Twitter Essay” in order to explore how Latinas are constructed in the media. When we watched The Bronze Screen, I asked you to write down five adjectives used to describe Latinas in film. Keeps these adjectives in mind as you are writing your twitter essay. Here are the instructions:

The instructions above are exactly 140 characters, which should give you an idea of how much space you have to work with. Make sure to include our course hashtag “#latinasmedia” somewhere in your Tweet (already 13 characters). You can approach the question from any angle you like such as: stereotypical roles played by Latinas, how their bodies are portrayed, what it means to be seen/played as “Latina,” etc. You can question/interrogate what being a Latina even means (think of pan-ethnic understanding of Latinos in general). You are not limited to film and television. If journalism or sociology are your interests, find your angle there. Only submit ONE Twitter Essay for this assignment. Because of the limited amount of space, you will need to spend some time composing your essay so that every character counts. Feel free to take creative license in how you answer the general question; however, just like in a traditional essay, make sure that your argument is supported by evidence (this is where part of the challenge comes in).

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  1. sorariku says:

    When do you want this essay? this week or next week.

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