With Curtis Acosta after the Precious Knowledge talkback session.

With Curtis Acosta after the Precious Knowledge tallback session.

It was a pleasure meeting Mr. Acosta. He is truly an inspiring man, and it’s really sad to see his curriculum no longer being put to use. Interestingly enough, he is now teaching Hip Hop. Tangent aside, how do you all feel highschool students are impacted by “Ethnic Studies”? Should socialist, fascist, and/or communist texts be banned at the highschool level? Is it more or less American to educate students based on their ethnicities?

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2 Responses to With Curtis Acosta after the Precious Knowledge talkback session.

  1. Adam Lang says:

    I think that, unfortunately, our public high school education system has become less about truly learning and more about the memorization of facts. Especially in history and social studies courses, the material is very tightly regulated by the government. Our high schools have become more like a government mandated daycare and less of a place of education. I think many people in power are afraid of what would happen if students were taught to think critically and were empowered by their ethnicity. The US is a combination of all cultures people. To say that you can’t educate students on their own ethnicity is denying them a piece of their own culture and how they fit into the many interwoven cultures of our country.

  2. Thank you, I appreciate your input. It seems that when it comes to education, America is no longer a melting pot. The American educational system has become more censored and less inclusive nondemocratic ideas and indigenous representations.

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