Sounds Interesting…Sarahi Almonte


Sarahi Almonte is poet, a writer and a performer. Sarahí has performed at colleges and universities, as well as, conferences and events. Her work focuses on what she calls, “her wholly trinity” (Latina, Lesbian, Woman); embracing the struggles and blessings of intersectionality. 

Fields of Power: Race, Ethnicity and Sexuality
Tuesday October 2nd
6:30PM-8:30PM, Student Union Theater
You love your culture, your race; the food, the sounds and the scents. You will proudly wave your flag wherever you stand. But what do you do when your cultures clash? Do you have to pledge your allegiance to one or the other? A Puerto Rican-Dominican lesbian faces one of the biggest challenges of her life when she must decide (for no one else but herself) what to do when such important pieces of her wholeness are in conflict with each other. Faced with social and cultural constructs and expectations, she digs deep within to honor the one she pledges her biggest allegiance to, Her Self. A one-queer-Latina-woman monologue!

On Wednesday, October 3rd, both PRLACC and the Rainbow Center will be hosting smaller events.

Title: The Struggle Within

12PM-1:30PM, Rainbow Center
Out To Lunch Lecture Series
Description: To write or not to write. That is not a question. This lecture will offer attendees a deeper look into the process of writing a book that the author has found spiritually exhausting, emotionally draining and physically depleting. Still, these emotions have built strength of heart and character. How do you heal your already strained with relationship with your mother? Where do you find the energy to keep writing when you can’t seem to find common ground? How does the author fill in the gaps of stories that are missing pieces? Sarahí Almonte will share her journey as a writer and as the living subject of her work.

Title: POWER: The Story of All of You

Writing Workshop and Latin Dinner
Description: Everyone has a story to tell. No one tells your story better than you. And what is most important is that your story is powerful. It doesn’t matter whether you write it down to publish it, read it out loud or simply put it on the pages of a journal to never share with anyone but yourself. The power of your story is enough to heal you and others.

In a society that continually puts us in “boxes” and “labels” we tend to suppress parts of us to honor other parts. In doing this we become unbalanced and dishonest (without intention) about the “sum of our parts.” We must always write from the place that includes all that we are so that our story is complete and true. 

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