Latinas and/in Advertisement (Part 1)

I found the concept of cultural voyerism to be quite intriguing. The Magnum Mystica commercial with Eva Longoria obviously had a lot sexual subliminal messaging and promoted a inaccurate depiction (or atleast one minded view) of the Mayan culture. This also added to the exotic view of Eva Longoria. This also exploited the Mayan culture. I am not neccesarily saying this negative but it does give people a narrow view of their values. At the end we should still remember the primary goals of every adverstisement, and that is to sell their products. As mentioned before, sex sells. So I am not surprised that they used a Latina for this type of Ad who are often stereotyped to be hypersexualised. What truly bothers me is that is what Davila touched upon in the reading. It’s not that the Latinos are exploited, because they do that to everyone, it the fact that they fail to show the diversity that exist with in the Latino culture. English speaking soceity puts Latinos in a uniform group.


Another thing that I actually find really aggravating is the Covergirl commercial. When Ellen a woman who is also a minority makes fun of another. “No one understands what you are saying.”

I feel like its very insensitive. Ofcourse it was for the intent of having humor, but something about it just didn’t seem politically correct to me. Also the commercial regarding Summers Eve was blatantly awkward and full of stereotypes. For the Hispanic targeted commercial, they hinted at the idea that Latinas have big families. It’s not the fact that is neccesarily a bad stereotype but it makes them seem, much less career oriented. Still it did make the Ad memorable in the consumers mind. These days it’s money over ethics.

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