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Latinas and/in Advertisement (Part 1)

I found the concept of cultural voyerism to be quite intriguing. The Magnum Mystica commercial with Eva Longoria obviously had a lot sexual subliminal messaging and promoted a inaccurate depiction (or atleast one minded view) of the Mayan culture. This … Continue reading

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With Curtis Acosta after the Precious Knowledge talkback session.

With Curtis Acosta after the Precious Knowledge tallback session.

It was pleasure meeting to Mr. Acosta he is truly an inspiring man, and its really sad to see his curriculum no longer being put to use. Interesting enough he is now teaching Hip Hop. Tangent aside, how do you guys feel highschool students are impacted by “Ethnic Studies”? Should socialist, fascist, and/or communist texts be banned at the highschool level? Is it more or less American to educate students based on ethnicities?

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