20. Latinas in New Media (Part 2)

November 29:
Guest Speaker: Diane Alverio, CTLatinoNews.com
Ryan Building, Room 204

About Diane Alverio
A seasoned and nationally known communications strategist, Diane Alverio is skilled at planning multi-level public relations campaigns, designing and conducting customized training sessions as well as developing crisis communications strategies for companies and non-profit organizations.

A former journalist, Diane is the principal of D. Alverio & Co. with offices in Hartford, CT.   She  is the author of  Beyond the Shingle: A Resource for Public Relations and Working with the Media, published by Lawfirst Publishing Co. due out this June and  available on Amazon.com.  Diane has also  published articles on public relations in numerous publications including Connecticut Lawyer Magazine.

She has been quoted as an analyst on media issues in such newspapers as the New York Times, Washington Post and USA Today.  Ms. Alverio wrote a chapter for a publication on the media coverage of the Fourth United Nation’s World Conference on Women held in Beijing in 1995 and has co-authored seven studies, “Network Brownout” on network news coverage of Latinos in the U.S.

She was named one of the “100 Most Influential Hispanics” in the U.S. for two consecutive years by Hispanic Business magazine, and has received numerous awards over the years for her civic involvement. She was most recently honored as the founder of the “Women Who Dare” speaker series, which highlights the accomplishments of contemporary Connecticut women and their contributions to the state’s history.

Nationally, Diane has served as President of the Washington D.C. based National Association of Hispanic Journalists and Unity ’94 ─ a coalition of minority journalism organizations in the U.S. She is currently the Chair of the Executive Leadership Council for the National Association of Hispanic Journalists

About CTLatinoNews
The launch of Ctlatinonews.com marks a new milestone for the more than nearly 500,000 Latino residents of Connecticut.  The state’s Latino population has been growing steadily since the 1950s. Through the years, Spanish language media has effectively reached the newly arrived Latino, now as our community matures, we are adding to the distribution of information.   CtLatinonews.com is designed to reach the increasingly growing and under-served Latino market that is English dominant.  Our business owners, Latino professionals, homeowners, and Latinos employed in the trades, service industry and public sector workers.

Our daily online new site was created to provide a voice for Latinos in our state as well as engage non-Latinos on issues that impact this vibrant and dynamic segment of the state’s population which is an integral part of the state’s economic fabric.

Our team of seasoned journalists and contributors will cover Latinos and Latino issues in Connecticut and Southern New England with comprehensive features, news, and consumer information.   CtLatinonews.com will also offer opinion polls, and opinion pieces from the viewpoint of Latinos as well as non-Latinos.  We encourage diverse views – as we as Latinos are indeed a diverse community.

We thank our advertisers, and our media and community partners for their clear and immediate understanding of why a news vehicle like this is needed.

Our intention is to create a news source that provides quality, diverse and non-partisan news and information that serves  everyone in Connecticut!

The CtLatinonews.com  Team

Our community partners are: CtHispanic Bar Association, CT Hispanic MBA’s, Greater Bridgeport Latino Network and this list will keep growing too!

Your posts should reflect on Diane Alverio’s presentation about CT Latino News. What did you learn? How does it complement what we have been discussing throughout the semester not just about news, but other media? 

44 Responses to 20. Latinas in New Media (Part 2)

  1. What motivate you to go for this career? or What does Latian Media means to you?

  2. Caroline/a Nieto says:

    Would you want to there to be growth in your company- beyond the internet. Is there a multiplatform option?

  3. Katie Blake says:

    After learning about the stereotypes of Latinas in the media throughout this semester, I thought it was refreshing to hear about how CTLatinoNews is trying to increase the representation and awareness of Latinas in mainstream media here in Connecticut. I enjoyed the presentation today and found several points interesting. One fact I thought was surprising was that only 33.8% of Latinos in Connecticut own a home. I’m curious as to why this number is so low. Also, I completely agree that one reason why Latinas are so underrepresented in the media is that they are consciously left out by decision makers when determining what stories are shown in the news. Another thing that I found was surprising was that in Hartford magazine there was not one Latino on the list of influential people in Connecticut, although there are definitely influential Latinos/as in our state.
    The question that I asked was why it seems that Latinos are either underrepresented in business/corporations, or why we don’t hear about more Latino executives and if there are boundaries to Latinos rising in business. Her response was that there are Latinos in business, however the media chooses not to discuss them so often they go unnoticed. Also, she connected this with the trouble women faced for years in rising to executive positions. Similarly, it seems as though it will take time before we will see more Latinos rising to key executive positions. However, as I stated before, I think that more sites the CTLatinoNews should become popular in order to raise awareness.

    • Alexis R. says:

      I think a sad fact is that many major companies have a certain level of “minority” employees that have to be on payroll. This can be a very good thing if you also give them the opportunity to be in positions of substance. Imagine how much change we could make if we allowed the Latinos in the workplace to actually be in those higher positions. Also though, we have to utilize the Latinos that are already in high places. We need to create that network so that we can start making change now and have it grow as the Latinos in the corporate world increase.

    • Kiara Morales says:

      Diane Alverio presentation was so empowering, I definitely came away with the notion that new media is a very important tool for the dissemination of news. One of the most compelling pieces of information for me was the Diane’s decision to make CTLatinoNews an english website rather than bilingual or translated. She was very in tune with the audiences needs and the realities of the readers. I thought it was fascinating that 70% latinos were english speaking. I always grappled with the fact of dealing with the dual identity of embracing being a latina and also being american, and I always felt that there was a clear distinction in the way news was represented between both identities, and CTLatinoNews merges those to together, because we are acculturated as she said.

      I also find the work that the website does very important for the state because it serves all audiences not just latinos. It provides diversity and brings to light issues that may have previously been overlooked by mainstream media gatekeepers. The story of the Hartford magazine was a grand example of how CTLatinoNews is brining progressive change. I thought the story was so powerful because even the name of the magazine should bring to mind diversity, yet the list didn’t bring to light such. As someone who is from Hartford, I definitely felt strongly about the story and was happy to see it featured. The story doesn’t just spin the wheels of change for latinos, it spins the wheels of change for diversity and the mindset in general.

      • I agree, her presentation was extremely interesting because how many Latinos speak English and how the website of CTLatino News is helping other people than Latinos to understand the Latino/a more. Her presentation was showing a lot of power of how Diane is trying to make other people see her point of view because she says that she won’t sell her website unless if the person is not seeing the picture of Diane’s point of view. Probably more people will start to participate or work with Diane’s website to make it more empowering for the readers and it might attract people who will take Diane’s point of view and make it a whole lot better that it is right now because like they say “the next generation will surpass the older generation.

      • alexandriagarry says:

        Diane Alverio was certainly an incredible speaker! I too was extremely impressed with her presentation. The way that she presented herself was inspiring especially while juggling her many identities as a Latina, Journalist, Mother, and Businesswoman. Kiara you mention how you grapple with your dual identities as a Latina and an American, I think Diane is an excellent role model in dealing with this because she has found the right balance.

      • sorlyz says:

        I loved her reasoning as to why she made her site in English. I am sure she received a lot of heat from people for not making the website in Spanish. When she asked the class how many Latinos in the room speak English, it was an obvious decision. Before she asked the class or even mentioned that topic, I was wondering myself why she chose to write it in English instead of Spanish if it’s meant for Latino news.

      • Katie Blake says:

        You’re right Kiara, her website is beneficial for the state to bring awareness to Latinos. And it’s obviously effective since there are other ethnic groups that follow the site besides just Latinos.

      • Stacey Pecor says:

        I am so glad she was able to present to her class because Diane was a great speaker. I agree with your Sorlyz in how she didn’t even question as to whether the blog would be in English or not. I think if it was written in Spanish, it would not reach as many viewers who are not Latino and therefore people would not be able to understand the positive stories and positive representations of Latino/as. It was also nice to hear how honest and upfront she was about everything and the progress of the website CTLatino News.

    • alexandriagarry says:

      What CTLatinoNews is trying to, and for the most part succeeding in is raising awareness. What I think Diane Alverio’s feelings are is that If Latinos are not going to be positively represented in existing media, we are going to publish those stories. The more people who read and become educated in the topic, the more it becomes of interest, it becomes news. Eventually “mainstream” news organizations will have to publish Latina stories because their readers will demand it. This is all a hopefully thought, but one that I truly believe. I do not know how long it will take, but eventually I think initiatives like this will create change.

      • Mariah Monroe says:

        I agree, I think this project is certainly a step in the right direction in terms of the positive coverage of Latinos in the media. Slowly the site will take off as more mainstream media picks up their stories and articles. A Website like this will slowly allow non latino to see that there is more to a Latino than the stereotypical roles they see on TV. Latinos are educated and intelligent individuals. They hold powerful positions in various corporations around the country and one day these un-favorful images will dissipate.

  4. Alexis R. says:

    I think that my favorite aspect of the presentation was how honest and real she was about the things that she experienced. She expressed what was going through her mind even though she was careful not to offend any one particular group of people.

    I definitely believe that her form of media caters to the growing younger population of Latinos in Connecticut. I love that she debunks those stereotypical stories that you see on television news or in the newspaper. She tells Connecticut that Latinos are not just cheap labor, drug dealers, or wife-beaters. She tells them that we have the ability to achieve greatness and we in fact ARE achieving many great things just in this state.

    250,000 Latinos are actively employed. 127,000 IT/Financial Sector, 45,000 Management or Professional Positions, and 60,000 Service Industry. These statistics are eye opening to me, someone not from this state. I am not familiar with the demographics here in Connecticut but to hear some of these things definitely makes me think about there lack of positive representation. 73% of Connecticut Latino homes are bilingual-English spoken. Again, I am sure that from a stereotypical perspective, people think that this would mean that they would only watch the Spanish-language television stations so for her to address that that was a thought/concern when she was planning her website is awesome.

    The information was extremely beneficial to many of the topics that we addressed in class discussing stereotypes and giving one side of the Latino.

  5. sorlyz says:

    Diane spoke very well and captivated my attention. When she spoke of the large population of Latinos in CT and why her site is written in English, I was engaged and realized that “hey, I’m Latina and speak English”. She made a clear point as to why her site is in English, she said about 73% of Latinos in CT speak English but also, she created this site in order to get Latino news into the hands of Non-Latinos. It only makes sense why she decided to write stories in English.

    It was great to learn that a large portion of her readers are non-Latinos. That allows people to learn about the Latino population and actually squash the stereotypes. The website does not display their own opinions of Latinos and if there are opinions they are from the people quoted in an article. What was also interesting was how Diane says she gets most of her stories. She said uses FB to find things out about their stories and Latinos.

    It is great to see a strong Latina woman, who identifies as Latina and is so ambitious. She does not fit into the stereotypes that we have been consistently talking about. Although she seems like she could have a temper, Diane did not have the dark, exotic skin, or an accent. She did not come off as a “vamp”, “temptress”, or “violent in nature” as the Bronze Screen described Latinas to be. She was just a woman with a purpose and it showed. I definitely enjoyed her presentation!

    • You noticed the same things that I did. I felt the power in Diane’s voice and really felt all her ambition, just like you said. She doesn’t feel bad for herself or make excuses that she is a minority. She knows what she wants and what she is capable of and gets it done.

  6. Ernie Abreu says:

    Diane is a very smart business woman with a lot of wisdom about Latin@s, percentages, stereotypes… I was quite shock to find out that 73% of Latinos in CT are fluent English speakers, I thought that the number was lower. However, I believe that making the content in the website to be displayed only in English, is only targeting those Latinos that are fluent in English. What about the other 27% of Latinos that do not speak English? Are they less of a Latino because he or she cannot speak English? Are they not allowed to know the information about their own ethnicity, because of a language barrier? I would have liked to see some articles written in Spanish in order to cater to those Latinos that do not know the English. This way, they are not excluded from information that pertains to them.

    I agree with her discontent of the misrepresentation that Latinos have in the media. The media only portrays bad news about Latinos, constantly adivising its viewers of Latinos that have been busted for drug assaults and criminal assaults. Where are the Latinos in business? Where are the Latinos in law? For the number of Latinos in this country, the numbers should be greater than just one Latino judge in the Supreme Court. The media is caught up with the stereotypes of Latinos, that it is blind to the other Latinos making a great impact in the world. If latinos are not busty, exotic, feisty, beautiful and young Latino in showbiz, the media has no time them.

    • sorlyz says:

      Ernie, you make a good point. Maybe she should have made some articles in Spanish in order to target those that cannot read in English. What would be a good idea would be if she had on her page a translated article of each English article published. I think that would be the best method to target the whole Latino population as a whole. It is a website so I am sure there are methods to make this happen.

      It is unfortunate that the media has such a bad representation of minorities as a whole. I have a Puerto Rican friend who is trying to make it into show business and has been doing movies and small roles for quite sometime. As intelligent as he is, he is always put in the Latino uneducated, drug dealing role.

      • stephaniegiannoutsos says:

        I completely agree about the English-only problem. Having the website in only English is innovative and modern, but it excludes a significant part of the Latino population that could greatly benefit from this website. If I wasn’t strong in English I would feel very misrepresented and misunderstood if I found out about this type of website that only targets English speakers.

      • Alexis R. says:

        I feel terrible for your friend. It is so dumb that this is the world we live in. I am sure if he could look the part of the “Caucasian” man then it might work for him to be in better roles but then you have to ask yourself, is he willing to make that sacrifice to get his foot in the door? I am sure he faces those same problems that Latinas deal with in show business. It is funny because I had a friend that is Latina and we were talking about what they call the Oedipus complex or “penis envy.” I wonder if Latinas think it would be better to be a Latino male at times. Even though they still might get the short end of the stick, females are still more discriminated against than males. Hmmmmm…….

    • morgankamm says:

      Diane talked a lot about her decision in making the articles in English. She definitely researched the Connecticut demographics and concluded that English would broaden the number of viewers. I think that implementing articles in Spanish is something that she could think about and work on. But since her website is so new, she probably has a bunch of other ideas that she is still working on. Maybe it will happen with time.

      • charliegrab says:

        I would enjoy seeing the articles written in a variety of languages. Even though it is latain based news, who says non spanish/english speakers wouldn’t want to take a look?

      • charliegrab says:

        then again… that would probably cost way too much

      • It is true right now, her website is new so evetually she will make it more broader and add new stuff in the website. It will take time but it will be a great source for people who want to know more about Latinos and read the actual stories about them. Diane will create a lot of opportunities for young Latino/as and probably it might attract people who will like to make the website more famous. It is great how Diane made this website for people see the real news of Latinos and it helps get new young people to enter into her group.

    • alexandriagarry says:

      I understand where you are coming from, however, Diane was very adamant that the site would be in english. She stressed that it was not even a discussion in the production of the site. 73% of Latinos speak english, I think her decision was purely a business decision. The market for english news is much higher than that for spanish news, at least in this state. She also talked about how the site is now being referenced by lawmakers and news outlets who are paying attention because it is in their language. CTLatinonews is as much about informing the “outside” world about the truth of the Latino community as it is about providing content to Latinos.

    • Kiara Morales says:

      I think Diane is very aware of her audience. CTLatino news is trying to bridge the gap in the media that portrays stereotypes, and not just for latinos but for everyone. We have news that caters to spanish speaker in CT, and Diane was trying to get away from that. She wanted to address the generation of latinos who were aware of the news in CT and were contributing to what was happening around them, but not being acknowledged.

  7. stephaniegiannoutsos says:

    I loved Diane’s presentation. It was very informational as well as inspiring. I love to see that she is so passionate about what she does, and has a team of passionate people behind her supporting her every move. It’s fascinating how far she has come and how successful she has become over her years in the United States. I also enjoyed her lightheartedness and humor!

    She has such a complex combination of identities including a Latina, journalist, mother, businesswoman, etc. and she does such a great job of representing all of them. She really sheds light on so many topics that often go unsaid in mainstream media.

    Since I am not from Connecticut, the whole presentation I was wondering how this website/newspaper could be broadened to reach more audiences in other states. I definitely believe she should try to open more branches throughout as many states as she can because I feel like so many people can benefit from what she is doing!

    • morgankamm says:

      Diane’s idea of starting this newspaper is a great way to bring Latinos in Connecticut closer and more united. It would be great if she expanded to other states. Since her newspaper is only 5 months old, she probably will need a lot more time until that could happen but I think it is a great idea and Latinos in other states would definitely appreciate it as well.

      • Kiara Morales says:

        I agree, and it will also be great for non-latinos also. She stressed the fact that it would be helping to create awareness of diversity. For a news source that is so new it has reached so many already. I definitely think expanding it to other states will create a grand progressive movement to bring diversity among the news.

  8. morgankamm says:

    Diane Alverio started this magazine just five months ago and reported that the magazine gets a mere 15,000 viewers each day, which is an outstanding number for a newly published online site that is just for Connecticut Latinos. She stated that she had the idea for quite some time to start a way of providing Latinos a source that contained news that they would want to read. She worked for magazine and news companies in the past and thought about sharing the idea with them, but then thought it would be better if she just started it on her own so she could get full credit for her ideas and have 100% say in what articles are posted. The articles included in her magazine are geared towards Latinos of all ages.

    What I found most interesting in the lecture that relates to our class discussions is that Alverio discussed how she selected her staff for the magazine. She didn’t think much about race when she selected who would work for CT Latino News. Even though it is a magazine geared towards one specific ethnicity, she didn’t feel it was necessary to have all Latino staff members. She chose based on who fit the criteria the best. She then said how many Latino viewers were posting rude comments on the CT Latino News Facebook page about how they thought it didn’t make sense that white males were writing about Latino news; it would create biased stories and inaccurate information. She stated how she didn’t care what negative feedback they had to give, because ultimately, Alverio doesn’t discriminate and never will. She said everyone is equal and deserves a fair chance at a job, just like how white male actors play Latinos in film.

    I thought that was very interesting and I am glad that she thinks that way. I feel like someone in her position would most likely choose all Latino journalists for her magazine since it only makes sense, but since racism has declined over the years, non-Latino journalists wouldn’t necessarily write biased stories or provide inaccurate information. I enjoyed Alverio’s perspective on the subject and I envy her hard working efforts to provide Latinos a more modern source to get new media.

    • charliegrab says:

      Gotta love her stance against reverse discrimination!

      • stephaniegiannoutsos says:

        Yes, I really loved her opinion against reverse discrimination. She is such an inspiring woman and I loved her ideas of diversity and acceptance.

  9. charliegrab says:

    Diane was an interesting woman. She seemed very kind, and had a snarky air about her.. which I loved!

    My discussion deals with the limitless boundaries of her idea. Why simply stop with CTLATINONEWS? There are so many groups that could benefit from culture specific news broadcast, the possibilities are limitless. She has set the foundation for any group which desires to follow in her foot steps.

    If more groups decided to do culture specific news, we would be able to better compare/contrast where people are overlooked. It would provide a strong foundation for discriminatory free news, and strong sources for all to observe.

    • Kelvin Li says:

      I definitely agree because I think she could expand if she ever wanted to. There is a huge Latino population in New York but they never have positive news coverage. It’s always the same thing over and over again. This person gets raped, this person gets shot. We need more influential and positive coverage. We don’t want people to be depress all the time. We definitely don’t want to limit the options of what people can read or see. I do think that other cultures can do this as well especially Asians. They have increase in the country with vast majority numbers but you don’t really see news coverage on them either. And when you do, it tends to be really short and quick. Negative news always seem to outweigh positive. But I think this is in the right stepping stone and that other groups can learn and provide their own news website. To raise awareness, to get people to better understand cultures. We shouldn’t limit ourselves to one specific culture. We have to be diverse because as the world change, we must change too.

    • Skylar Smith says:

      Exactly. Why stop with CTLatinonews.com. Towards the end of the presentation she discussed how she is reaching out to other states and communities but needs to establish good ties in each. She said possibly Rhode Island would be up by next Fall or Spring, which is incredible. Her website is supporting itself with ads already and for her to be able to extend so soon in to another area is incredible. Her idea, her passion and her determination will lead to the limitless possibilities for her.

  10. Adam Lang says:

    I found Diana’s presentation to be very interesting. The way she harnessed the power of new media to deliver news to a group of people who were not being actively targeted by any other major news source. She was fed up with the negative stereotypes of Latinos on the news and created a news site to show that Latinos have so much more to offer the community than stories about drug arrests. It made me really hopeful to see that there are successful Latinos who are using their connections and money to further the entire community. I also liked that CTLatinoNews.com featured stories in English, so it can reach a generation of Latinos who were born here and most of whom speak English. It also makes the site accessible to people who are not Latino at all, but would like to see more than just arrests on TV representing an entire community in their area.

  11. morgan radin says:

    I honestly really have a problem with ctlatinonews. I do not feel that this new website is doing anything of value for the Connecticut Latino community. It is of course interesting to see a new form of media that is most clearly targeting this network of people. However, separating this news completely from mainstream, already reputable news sources does a disservice to the community. Only Latino Connecticut citizens will be going to look at new and interesting Latino/a news and therefore they are not bringing this new news out into substantial media culture as they are saying.

    Now I do understand the benefit that she is personally gaining from creating this company, but in our lecture she talked about how the state of Connecticut needed this service. It bothers me that someone would say that there is a genuine need and then not go about creating this news through established news sources. It also irked me that Diana thought it was so humorous that she was getting the majority of her information for news stories from Facebook. Now I know that she mean this in a whimsical way, but she is really doing a greater disservice to the Latin community by not taking news stories seriously enough. In order to become successful she needs to revamp the way in which she is conducting herself and her news work.

    • Morgan, i understand where you are coming from but the reason Diane was forced to make CTLatinaNews.com in the first place was because Latinas don’t get much attention in the reputable news sources. The reputable news sources are filled with stereotypes of Latinas such as crimes, rather than achievements and lifestyles as shown in Diane’s site.

      • Kelvin Li says:

        I agree with you Jeremy because I didn’t understand what her overall message was at first. But I can see that the news doesn’t really cover much about Latinos or Latinas. Unless you hear about a murders or family dramas and any incidents like that. Even then, these news sources don’t reach out to all the communities so they could just focus on one area every time. I think it’s good because CTLatinaNews.com gives you the option to read what you want. With other various new sources, you’re limited to what you can see. And you have to search through a lot of articles before you find what you’re looking for. But with CTLatina, it’s easy to find any article because every article talks about Latinas so you don’t have to go through the whole search engine to find an article.

  12. Mariah Monroe says:

    I personally enjoyed Diane Alverio’s presentation. You could tell how passionate she was about CTLatinoNews.com and her stance on the unheard voices of the Hispanic community. I was surprised to hear that there was no other source for Latino news in Connecticut considering our large Hispanic population.

    Alverio’s goal of raising awareness is certainly working, her page is getting 15,000 views a day and I’m sure that number will increase since the project is still so new. During her presentation Alverio said about 73% of the Latino community in CT speaks english; this was a very nice number to see on her slide!

    So much that we see in the media about Latinos concentrates on the the negative so seeing an organization that covers a positive angle on Latinos in the community is such a nice change. Though I have to be honest and say that until she mentioned that in her presentation, I hadn’t realized that much of the news we hear about Latinos in the state or even on a national level is negative or depicts them as victims.

    Furthermore, when Alverio said that Hartford Magazine hadn’t included even one Latino in their top 50 influential people in CT for 2012, I was very surprised. To think that they couldn’t find one influential Latino in a community full of them is a little hard to believe and quite frankly I feel as though it’s almost more difficult to overlook than to acknowledge in this case. Needless to say, I’m sure there will be a Latino or two on that list next year.

    • morgan radin says:

      I have personal negative biases surrounding her presentation as whole. However, your points have raised my expectations of what the site could do for the Latino community. I posed this question already, but I want to ask you specifically Mariah, as a journalism major, do you think that she went about creating this media in the right way? Is it really benefiting her monetarily, or is it benefiting the population of Latinos in Connecticut?

  13. Diane’s presentation really caught my attention. As Jorge previously told us, Diane is one of the “100 Most Influential Hispanics” in the U.S. for two consecutive years by Hispanic Business magazine. The way she spoke throughout her presentation confirmed this for me. In everything she said she had so much passion and commitment. When someone asked her a question about the direction of CTLatinoNews.com she knew exactly where she wanted to take it and what she wanted to do with it.

    I believe this relates to our course discussions all semester for the simple fact that regardless if someone is a Latina or white or any other ethnicity, if you have the drive and determination to achieve your goals, anyone can reach them. Stereotypes absolutely exist in our society, but this clearly does not deter women of Latina descent such as Diane, Shakira, or Eva Longoria. Diane’s presentation also showed us there is a need for more widespread awareness of Latina news, and if there are people willing to contribute and read about it, it is a plausible goal.

  14. Kelvin Li says:

    I think Diane Alverio was very aspiring. I enjoyed her presentation. I could felt her passion and why she felt that this could work. As an entrepreneur myself, I can see the need for this coverage because you don’t get that from the news. She obviously felt like this can succeed and I believe too. What made it empowering was the way she was talking. I could feel her emotions and how much she believed in this idea and why I would work. It felt as if I saw Betty in real life. Someone who works hard and is very motivated that consistently pushes herself to succeed. While they’re critics holding you back and telling you that this would never work. I can clearly see that she was all in from the start.

    It’s also good that she focus on the positives and she doesn’t worry about the negatives. One question a person asked was about if this actor was a good choice to play an Hispanic. And she answered that who cares as long as they do a good job and make it believable. I can really feel how down to earth and reasonable she was. I honestly do see that her values push her to be the successful businesswoman that she is today. Through that hard work and drive. It’s that “American Dream” we constantly talk about. The goal that we can’t take easy shortcuts to get what we want. She definitely can’t do that with CTLatinoNews.com because it has to be credible. People have to rely on their service, they provide something that is unique and useful. You can’t make that up or else this whole thing is a scam. But you have to believe that this would work and make people aware and inform about positive news of Latinos. And it gives people the option to do that. The key is that people have the choice to choose what they want to read, they are not limited to what they can see.

  15. Skylar Smith says:

    Dani Alverio had a very intriguing presentation. The way she presented herself, as a professional business women and as a Latina, were very passionate. The passion and interest she has for her profession as well as for the good of distributing important public information to people is admirable. She has the determination to let her voice be heard and she has been doing an incredible job. She is a very inspiring person.
    As far as ctlatinonews.com itself, I believe the success will continue to grow and she will finally be able to make a profit on it. As she was discussing, the news stations were leaving out information pertinent to the Latino community or they were portrayed as criminals, etc. There is already a current bias in news because they have the ability to choose which information to write about or share with the readers. With the internet, on the other hand, Diane Alverio has the ability to reach a variety of consumers. The internet has brought an age of individualization. The user gets to pick and choose which websites they wish to draw their information from. Hopefully ctlatinonews.com gains the popularity it deserves.

  16. joserfigueroa says:

    My favorite part about Diana Alverio’s guest presentation on her website, CTLatinonews.com, was just how confident and sincere she came across. She was the first Latina businesswoman that I have really seen, and the fact that she came up with the idea of a website directly bringing awareness to Latin@ news in Connecticut is truly inspiring. Diana was loud, aggressive and feisty but she did not flaunt her body. She also was very educated, showing that there is more to her than just her sass. Diana was a positive role model and true inspiration for me, as I wish to get Latin organizations on campus involved in CTLatinonews.com and highlight Latin@ students who have broken the “norm” and are in higher education.

    The fact that Diana chose to use English as the websites language was genius because it gives non-Spanish speakers the opportunity to learn about issues effecting Latin@’s here in the state. I really enjoyed the concept of the website because what Diana said is true. In mainstream media, Latin@’s are rarely talked about unless it has to do with criminal activity or immigration. There is more that affects Connecticut’s Latin@ population and I am thrilled that this website brings awareness on it. A particular story that interested me was school districts in Connecticut allowing Latin students to not take standard state tests in order for the school to receive higher scores. It interests me because I have taken these tests, and I was able to pass with flying colors, so the fact that there is little faith in the current Latin@ elementary school students bothers me.

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