Body Images

Stephanie Giannoutsos, Alie Garry, Violetta Orlowski, Kiara Morales, & Katie Blake:

In our project, “Body Image, & Media” we looked at the fundamental causes of Body dissatisfaction among women and in particular how Latinas deal with pressure from two different cultures when it comes to having the “ideal” body. Through interviews and research we created a video that we hope can open up discussion on the societal issues that revolve around body dissatisfaction in the hope that there can be a change.

Final Project Paper


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  1. I found this article and if you want i can send you the link to read the whole article.

    Title: Red carpet to real world. Authors: Marie, Constance
    Source: Hispanic; Feb2008, Vol. 21 Issue 1, p22-23, 2p
    Document Type: Article
    I KNOW I am pretty athletic as an American, but when it comes to being an actress I’m a little chubby,” says one of TV’s most notable Latina actresses. It’s hard to believe these words could ever come out of the mouth of the naturally lithe Constance Marie, but in the Hollywood world of size 00 ingénues, it’s easy to see why. “I can only do this from the perspective of being a Latin woman in Hollywood,” she says, “But I’m designing for real women, for women who are a little fuller.” When stylists would present her with outfits for event appearances, Constance Marie would add belts, rewrap dresses or add personal touches that reflected her personal style and flattered her figure.

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