Costuming and Clothing in Music Videos

Charlie Grab, Brianna Martone, Morgan Radin, Mariah Monroe & Jessica Diaz: We will be focusing on the role of women’s costuming, and or clothing in music videos. We hope to find differences between most likely two decades of clothing in music videos. We will focus primarily on female singers. 

For the purpose of this project, we have decided to focus on Latinas in popular music videos. We feel the music videos are an influential part of our popular culture, and as a result have a major impact on the way we view Latinas. We will be discussing three major themes related to the videos: Hyper sexual behavior, ethnicity, and famous Latinas.

Hyper sexual behavior is prevalent throughout many music videos. Videos related to Latina artists are especially known for hyper sexual imagery. Whether it be with costuming or dance routines, it is often seen. We need to begin taking note as to how low dresses are cut, and what colors are being used for the costumes. What is being for choreographed for dance moves? How does one’s culture come into play? Are they true to their roots, or have many Latina artists become “Americanized”? We feel many of these videos have become about making a profit, rather than honoring ones heritage.

Finally as a mean’s of comparison, we will look at videos from mainstream artists in Latin nations. How are their videos produced, and are they similar to what we have here in the states? Using the sources listed below, we plan to broaden our discussion on how Latinas are blantely exploited in American music videos.

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